May 162017

Although Fata is an integral part of Pakistan, its population still doesn’t enjoy those facilities which the people of other provinces are enjoying. People don’t have any jobs in Fata as the same have not been created. What has been done by the government for the people of this area? This area is rich in minerals like marble, manganese, emeralds, chromites, silica sand, quartz, limestone, coal, iron ore, lead, copper, gold, granite, etc. And, besides these minerals, oil and gas is also available. We should ensure that these precious minerals aren’t wasted. The people of Fata are extremely hard working. These people should be trained in vocational training institutes.

Factories should be established so that these people can get decent jobs. These factories should manufacture high-value items for export. The proceeds received as a result of export revenue should be invested in this area only. The government should understand that Fata reforms are fundamental to national stability and must be implemented without any delay. The people of this area are keen to come into the mainstream of national politics. The establishment of a university in Fata is good news, but education at the grassroots level should also be given due importance.

Air-Cdre (r) Azfar A Khan


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