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Monday, April 22, 2013
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Australian team visit UAF


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FAISALABAD: An Australian Sector Linkage Programme (ASLP) team headed by David Sweet Kelley visited the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.


Briefing the Australian team on Sunday, UAF VC Prof Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan highlighted UAF initiatives to promote collaborative research for ensuring global food security. The VC said the university scientists were pursuing more than 50 research projects with international and national funding of Rs 628 million. He was of the view that 88 international memorandum of understanding had been signed by the university to promote joint collaborative approaches. The VC maintained that the university was planning to initiate joint degree programme with University of Western Australia and a water house chair would also be established at the campus. He added germ plasm development of tomato and okra had also been carried out with the help of Australian scientists. The team leader ASLP Phase II, David Sweet Kelley, said that his team was reviewing the project in order to initiate Phase III with main focus on global food security and cereal production at South Asian level. He was of the view that Post Harvest marketing mechanism was main focus to ensure value chain for horticultural production in Pakistan. He urged the need for ensuring food safety in order to minimise pesticide residues by introducing microbiological food safety measures.


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