Aug 172017

The continuous declining trend of the country’s exports during the last couple of years has raised concern not only for the federal government, but for exporters as well. Exports do not only contribute to strengthening a country’s foreign exchange reserves, but they also play a crucial role in maintaining the trade balance in the country. The widening trade deficit can only be controlled if the country’s exports surge. Keeping in view this persistent negative trend in exports, the former prime minister announced a hefty Rs180 billion exports package in January 2017 to increase the country’s exports through government-backed incentives and efforts by exporters.

These government efforts are delivering desired results. A few export items have started showing an upward trend. It is hoped that this positive trend will continue for the months to come. This is only a beginning and it is hoped that the step taken in the right direction will keep delivering positive results in the future. Pakistan’s manufactured goods, including textile products, fruit and other items have high demand in foreign countries. Through proper planning, the country can reclaim its position in the international market.

Jahanzaib Shahid (Karachi)

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