Jul 062017

This refers to the article, ‘Men who have seen tomorrow’, (Jul 3), by Syed Talat Hussain. The article talks the thought process of our political leaders and is an interesting piece to read. The writer’s analysis, of those who are making all kinds of forecasts or prophesies about the unknown future with respect to the outcomes of the investigation by the JIT, or the subsequent verdict to be given by the three honourable judges of the Supreme Court, is a must read for learning some hard lessons from it. The tendency to make such forecasts speaks volume about the maturity index of our politicians. Whether we like it or not, the credibility of the entire process of this investigation has become a subject of popular gossip. This has been heightened because of the amateurish forecasts of some of these leaders. Their behaviour had raised many eye brows about the fairness of the investigation carried out by the JIT. Do these individuals have links with some insiders? How can they be so certain about the outcomes of the JIT? How do they know what might be the verdict of the SC?  

One is unhappy to say this yet it must be said. Our people are highly opinionated and emotional in any discourse – whether at the individual or the group or even at the institutional level. Uncharitable comments are made about others. This tramples with the mutual respect that is essential for cohesiveness in a society. In civilised societies, one would even show respect towards ones worst adversaries. But this isn’t the case in Pakistan. Regardless of the institutions in which we work, we lack the ability to frame the right questions. Instead we are quick to express subjective opinions lacking hard evidence. In any investigation, regardless of the institution involved, if we have to get to the truth we must show the deftness to formulate and to raise the right questions avoiding subjective opinion let alone making unfounded forecasts.

Dr Zafar I Qureshi


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