Oct 042017

Whatever is happening in the federal capital is most unfortunate and disastrous for the country’s stability and integrity. The sad state of affairs of the country is partly due to irresponsible politicians. We have special specie of politicians who are always looking for a chance to invite an intervention. One such gentleman has joined hands with the new legend, Imran Khan, who is persistent in his attempts to dislodge the government at the earliest at any expense to occupy the coveted chair.

For these selfish reasons, these politicians are playing with national integrity at such critical times when our enemies are using every single opportunity to destabilise us. Under such situation, the prudent step that should be taken by saner elements of the country is to join hands. The establishment and all responsible politicians must sit down and talk until they come up with an amicable solution to avert the serious threats that are being faced by the country.

Zahid Ali Khan (Rawalpindi)

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