Jun 122017

It is sad that the government has conveniently ignored the problems faced by EOBI pensioners. The recently announced budget for the year 2017-18 needs no further explanation. It is disappointing that the higher authorities paid no attention to the pleas of the pensioners who in their prime time contribute a lot to the country’s economy. Why is the government not considering increasing their pension? These pensioners are senior citizens of the country. Because of their old age, they are facing a lot of health issues. It is unfortunate that these pensioners do not receive any medical allowance from the government. A large chunk of their pension is spent on medical bills.

Nowadays, all essential commodities are being sold at high prices. The rising inflation has affected the purchasing power of many. Under these circumstances, the pension amount of Rs5,250 is insufficient. Aren’t these people worthy enough to receive a decent amount of pension so that they may live their old age peacefully? The concerned authorities should look into this matter.

Maryam Jawaid


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