May 032017

One of the biggest problems that the world is facing is environmental pollution. This includes air, water, soil and noise pollution. Water and air pollution are the most harmful for our environment. In Pakistan, factories are set up in residential areas. The smoke emitted from these factories pollutes the environment. In addition to this, the large number of vehicles on streets has further contributed to air pollution. The government needs to take immediate action to tackle the situation. The country has already witnessed the adverse effects of environmental pollution. Last year, the smog in Punjab created chaos. If proper steps are taken, air pollution can be reduced. No industry or a factory should be set up in a residential area. The number of vehicles on streets can be decreased, if the public transport system is well-developed.

In the same way, steps should be taken to reduce water pollution. It is common practice among industries to release industrial leftovers into the sea. These leftovers contain harmful chemicals. Another cause of water pollution is dumping of garbage in the sea. Debris, including plastic, food and glass, that take hundreds and thousands of years to decompose, pollutes the water. In fact, the marine life consumes the debris believing it is food. The government should take serious measures to control environmental problems. The media should create awareness among the people about the effects of environmental pollution.

Maryam Amir


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