Jun 072017

The entire nation is now closely watching the repercussions of persistent loadshedding. This major problem of the country has stunted the growth of the country. The country’s progress is diminishing day by day. Although there are many problems in our country, loadshedding is the one that has to be dealt with on an immediate basis. The unprecedented energy crisis has badly affected the industrial sector. Power outages would halt production work for so many hours, leading to low production. Many small-scale industries have gone out of business because they cannot bear the brunt of huge losses. In order to make a decent living, many businessmen and factory owners have shifted to foreign countries, negatively affecting the country’s economy.

In summer, the loadshedding situation gets worst. Some areas witness power outages for 15 hours. The government must do something about the issue. If loadshedding is absolute necessary – keeping in view the underproduction of electricity – at least the hours of loadshedding should be reduced to three hours per day.

Sara Furqan


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