Dec 222017

Tharparkar is predominantly dotted with sand dunes. But vegetation is also strewn across the desert terrain. For many years, Tharparkar has faced a water shortage that has, in turn, impacted the health of the people. But now, some developments have taken place to modernise the region. This includes the coal project that is under way.

After CPEC, a series of efforts were made to enhance energy development in the country. Thar was selected as the ideal site to implement these plans and the foundation of an energy project was laid at the Thar coalfield. Through this initiative, coal is extracted from the ground and used for multiple purposes across the country, such as generating electricity. This project is beneficial for the betterment of the country. However, many people in Thar are still facing severe difficulties. Air pollution created by the extraction of coal; the devastation caused to trees and vegetation on the site of the project; and the disposal of poisonous water from the site have made it difficult for people to live. At the same time, many other development projects have been introduced to revive the social fabric in Thar. Schools, healthcare centres and training programmes are being conducted frequently for locals. Such projects are fruitful for the progress of the country. Pakistan must work arduously to ensure that such opportunities bring progress.

Maham Zaidi


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