Jun 282017

It is quite frustrating that Makran, despite being the biggest coastal division of Balochistan, witnessed unannounced power outages during all three days of Eidul Fitr. The division is already in the grip of extreme heatwave and persistent loadshedding has made the lives of the people even more miserable.

The commissioner of Makran has failed miserably to resolve the problem of unending electricity crisis across the division. Although the government vowed that there would be no power disruption during Eid days, nothing had been practically done. The federal and provincial government should take bold steps to ensure uninterrupted power supply in order to reduce loadshedding in this sweltering weather.

Mannan Samad



For the residents of the Government Teachers Housing Society, the first day of Eid was nothing less than a test of patience. Despite the tall claims made by the government, the residents faced six hours of loadshedding. When the area was restored, the issue of low voltage continued.

When will the authorities pay attention to this matter? The city is witnessing an unprecedented rise in the temperature. The combination of loadshedding and extreme hot weather is lethal. If anyone in this area dies because of the heat stroke, KE should be held responsible.

Naveed Ahmed



It seems that the government is not sincere to help the people. The government had declared that there would be no load shedding during the three Eid holidays, yet in some areas of Muzaffargarh, electricity was kept off for many hours on the first day of Eid. The Mepco complaint centre said there was shortage of electricity so despite government announcements, unscheduled load shedding would continue indefinitely.

Why does the government not tell the people truth so that they can try to develop forbearance towards government failures? Even the Ministry of Power’s online website was only hoodwinking in response to people’s complaints.

Muhammad Azam


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