Oct 222017

I am a PTCL customer and have been using its phone and DSL services for the last two years. Unfortunately, the company’s services are not satisfactory. Not a single month passes without any problems. Every month, problems of slow browsing, connectivity issues of the internet and no phone connection create difficulty. I did register my complaint on the PTCL’s allotted automatic complaint registration, but I did not get the desired response. Whenever I dial 1218 I am allotted a complaint registration number and assured that a PTCL representative will contact me soon. Once after the complaint was registered, I got a SMS notification and a subsequent call on my cell phone asking me to confirm that my problem has been resolved, without actually fixing it. I confirm otherwise. To my astonishment, in the evening of the same day, I received another SMS which said that my complaint has been closed. However, the problem wasn’t resolved.

I regularly pay my monthly telephone bill including fixed DSL monthly charges, but cannot use the services for an entire month due to connectivity issues. The PTCL authorities should charge the bill for the days the services are actually available to the customers. The complaint registration should also be free of cost. It should train the local officials to become more responsive to customer’s complaints and fix them timely so that we may avail uninterrupted services. 

M Soahil Khan (Peshawar)

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