Jun 082017

Information technology parks are places where the development and the export of computer software take place. Pakistan too, in Punjab, has a software technology park that provides good quality office space, with all requisite facilities under one roof, to promising startups. It can be said that through this park, the country is seeing the flourishing of startups. The Punjab government deserves credit for establishing such a park in Pakistan. The incubator in the park provides guidance and mentoring to software developers.

In India, software is being developed at 24 locations in various provinces of the country. The state of Karnataka is on top in software development. Karnataka’s capital city, Bangalore, is called the Silicon Valley of India. This local Silicon Valley earns a huge amount of foreign exchange from its software development alone. Pakistan should also follow the example of India. If the country establishes similar parks in all provinces, it can earn a huge amount of revenue. In fact, such IT parks should be established in various universities as well. When a software engineer graduates from a university, he is full of innovative ideas which he wants to put into practice. Since a fresh graduate is new in practical field, he doesn’t have funds, space, experience and guidance for starting his own business. Such parks are the best venue for fresh graduates.

Air-Cdre (r) Azfar A Khan


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