Oct 302016

Within 30 years, Singapore has progressed from being a third world country to a developed country. On the other hand, Pakistan, despite having wide natural resources is still struggling to keep itself afloat in the third world. We cannot expect the CPEC alone to solve all our problems. Problems like a low-morale police force, dysfunctional legal fraternity, low participation of women in society, a general lethargic approach with respect to the filing of tax-returns or delivery of education and health all need to be solved by the government.

In order to deal with a few problems, we need to ensure that there is a feel-good factor about life in Pakistan. For that we need to invest deeply and rapidly in our human development indicators to bring us at par with the first world. Nothing less will suffice. Pakistan requires a greater nation-building effort from each citizen.

Ahsan Samad


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