Sep 112017

The outbreak of dengue epidemic in Peshawar is showing no sign of abating. On the other hand, there have been no significant efforts on the part of the government to tackle the issue. The number of patient is increasing with each passing day while the government seems hesitant to put in place an effective mechanism to prevent further spread of the mosquito-borne life-threatening disease. It is worth mentioning that the dengue virus is not limited to Pakistan or Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In fact, many countries are facing the challenge of combating dengue. However, because of effective counter efforts of governments of those countries, the disease has not been able to wreak havoc like it has in this part of the world. The problem lies with us. The truth is the government has never taken such like situations seriously. In the present scenario too, the government hasn’t taken timely steps to avert the losses of precious lives.

Apart from the ignorance of the government, the people are also equally responsible for the outbreak. The people are hesitant to adopt precautionary measures. The situation requires the people to fight against the menace and remove the breeding grounds – like standing water and heaps of garbage – for the mosquitoes to prevent the spread of the virus. Cleanliness must be ensured at all places. Collective efforts can help eradicate this menace.

Afaq Khan (Swat)

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