Jan 012018

The government’s decision to remove encroachments is good news. However, it is quite unfortunate that every government decision has a negative impact on innocent people. Although removing encroachments should be the authorities’ prime responsibility, attention should also be paid to the problems faced by people because of this decision. For example, the recent demolishing of illegally built wedding halls has put those people who had already booked the halls for their functions in a difficult position.

It is a known fact that for every function, a wedding hall is booked three to four months before. An advance, which is usually a large amount, is paid at the time of a booking. Since the wedding halls were razed to the ground by KDA authorities, people are finding it difficult to find a suitable and affordable venue for their functions. On the other, there is absolutely no chance for people to get their money back. It is good to note that the government is doing everything it could to remove illegal buildings, however had it considered these issues before, it would have figured a well thought out plan to resolve it.

Afreen Mirza


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