Jun 022017

Overseas Pakistanis based in Saudi Arabia booked plots in the Islamabad Valley housing project of the DHA in 2008. At the time of booking, investors were told that the housing authority will give possession of houses by 2013 after which an investor can begin the construction of houses. All investors paid instalments in US dollars to the DHA Islamabad well before stipulated time, but unfortunately the DHA failed to abide by its promise and it is, so far, unable to fulfil its promise made to overseas Pakistanis.

Overseas investors invested in the DHA with the hope that it will at least keep in mind the good name of its parent organisation and will honour its commitment. However, it failed to fulfil its commitment and has greatly shattered the confidence of its valued overseas customers. The relevant authorities must punish all those corrupt DHA officials who have delayed the project and appoint honest people to complete the project by 2017 so that overseas Pakistanis are able to construct their houses in the federal capital without further loss of time and money.

Fazle Malik Khan

Abha, Saudi Arabia

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