Jun 282017

It is indeed alarming that the country’s circular debt has touched Rs 500 billion. It appears that gross mismanagement can be held responsible for this fiasco. This requires immediate attention of the Ministry of Water and Power as a focal body to control Gencos, Discos and the NTDC. There is a dire need to analyse the situation. There is a strong need to reform all distribution companies involved in the provision of electricity to consumers all over the country.

This has also been observed that all power generating facilities are not generating electricity to their full capacity. This glaring issue must be debated in parliament and in turn, parliamentarians must suggest means to arrest this trend. All recoveries must be made forthwith and theft cases must be dealt with severely beside immediate disconnection of electricity. The line losses must be brought down to 10 to 15 percent as being practiced globally.

Engr Riaz Akbar

Wah Cantt

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