Jan 042018

The fact that milk sold in Pakistan is not pure and is diluted with water is an open secret. However, the recent reports have revealed some unpleasant surprises. The presence of dangerous adulterants in milk has worried even the country’s court which has made it clear that it will not allow the sale of ‘poison’ in the name of milk. Almost all processed items are laced with some kind of harmful substance which spread life-threatening diseases among people. In the same manner, the milk of cows that are given injections of growth hormone has a negative effect on the health of people.

These injections have some dangerous cancer-causing components which has put the lives of hundreds of people, including children, in danger. Except for Sindh, all provinces have imposed a ban on these injections. Many people in our country buy this fake, poisonous milk which is consumed by young children. It is disappointing that people are selling adulterated milk without any guilt. Undoubtedly, the responsibility lies on the shoulders of the concerned authorities to protect citizens from the menace of poisonous eatable items.

Javaid Bashir



Latest news reports have shifted the attention of citizens to the extent of contamination in milk being sold in the country. Parents must take notice of the notice and realise that their children are consuming liquefied poison in the name of milk. Loose milk can have the presence of E Coli, and other pathogens, which may enter the raw milk through improper handling and non-sanitary milking procedures. Additionally, in our country, to meet the increasing demand, milk suppliers adulterate milk to increase quantity and shelf life of the product.

Adulterants, including glucose, cane sugar, caustic soda, starch and urea, and chemicals like formalin, hydrogen peroxide, boric acid melamine are used to increase the shelf life of the product. It is sad to see that corruption has not only contaminated the nation’s growth, but our children’s health as well. The relevant authorities must take serious action against distributors of contaminated milk.

Syed Farhad Anwer Rizvi


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