Jul 012017

In 2010, floods in Pakistan caused great damage. Heavy rain in the country leads to catastrophe and destruction. The current spell of rain washed away hundreds of houses and killed around 28 people across the country. It also destroyed agricultural land, badly affecting the country’s agricultural economy. Since the country doesn’t have sufficient number of dams, the rain water, that, ideally, could be stored for the future use, is turned into flash floods, resulting in vast destruction.

The government needs to pay attention to this issue. Every year, several people get killed in rain-related incidents. Because of the lack of dams, rain in the country turns into a curse. The need of the hour is to construct dams on an immediate basis. Rainwater stored in dams can also be used for generating electricity. This will help tackle the prevailing energy crisis of the country.

Amna Shafqat


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