Mar 252017

This refers to the letter, ‘Do no harm’ (Mar 23) by Rimsha Aijaz. Animals shouldn’t be treated in a cruel way. It is unfortunate that we are living in society where we do not value humans so it is hard to expect people to raise voice against this cruel act. This refers to the recent dog culling campaign initiated by the KMC. The question is: Is killing dogs the only solution? It is one of the cruel methods to poison dogs’ food and watch them die a painful death.

There are many others methods to resolve this issue. The other approach could be to set up animal shelters across the counter. Stray dogs can be kept there. If that couldn’t be done, the other easy and less painful method is to neuter and vaccinate the dogs. This will help control the overpopulation and reduce the chance of rabies in dogs. The current campaign highlights the loss of humanity of our society. The government is requested to immediately stop the ongoing campaign of killing the dogs in such a cruel manner.

Hadia Aziz


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