Mar 292017

A news report, ‘How gossip changed one Pakistani woman’s life’ (Mar 27) published by the BBC and picked up by other media organisations, speaks volumes about the insensitivity of Punja University’s administration and our slow legal system. The court verdict that was granted in her favour – after almost two decades – can still be challenged by the varsity. This gives credence to the notion that ‘justice delayed is justice denied’. Marking Wajiha Arooj absent in her master’s examination cannot be called a clerical error since it cost her not just her academic career but also her reputation. This is one of the worst examples of criminal negligence.

Unfortunately, this kind of negligence is commonplace at  educational institutions across the country. Many colleges and universities require students to get ‘exam appearance certificates’ from their designated exam centres in case they are incorrectly marked ‘absent’. It is anyone’s guess how they eventually manage to get these documents. The concerned authorities are requested to look into the matter immediately.

Waheed A Tunio


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