Jun 192017

Street crimes encompass all those criminal offences that take place in public places. Nowadays, street crimes have become commonplace in Pakistan – especially along highways. Pickpocketing, mobile-snatching and vehicle theft falls under the rubric of street crimes. Such crimes affect the fabric of our society and indicate the destruction of social order.

A large number of people have fallen victim to street crimes such as mobile theft and wallet-snatching. But the police have not taken action against the offenders. Such offences have become a menace for the citizens and have generated fear and insecurity. Some of the major causes of street crimes include unemployment and poverty. The government should take serious steps to put an end to street crimes. Consistent efforts must be made to address the challenges of unemployment. What is more, the police need to be more vigilant in safeguarding the lives of citizens.

Zain Gul


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