Feb 102015

At a time when the country finds itself bogged down in the vicious cycle of terrorism, a large chunk of Islamabad Police is performing security duties for VIPs, which has left citizens highly vulnerable to several risks.

Currently, over 325 personnel from capital police, including one deputy superintendent of police, three inspectors, 20 sub-inspectors and 25 assistant sub-inspectors are performing security duties for bureaucrats, senators, ministers, MNAs and other VIPs.

The engagement of these police officials for these VIP duties is not only denting the overall performance of police but also compromising the security of the citizens, who feel increasingly insecure under the current precarious circumstances.

Recently, a surge in street crime, robbery, theft and other cases has been witnessed in the federal capital because there is only a small number of police personnel deployed on entry and exit points in the city. The existing force packs up after 6pm, leaving citizens at the mercy of muggers and robbers.

Citizens said that the government’s claim of fighting terrorism seems to be nothing but a hollow slogan, as, according them, their security is not on its priority list. They have demanded that the Interior Ministry withdraw police personnel from VIP duties and deploy them for the security duty of the citizens.

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