Sep 082017

The painful cries of the Rohingya are not stopping Myanmar government forces to stop their brutality. The people who are fleeing the region are also getting killed before they could make to a safe place. The people who have fled have highlighted the grave violations of human rights being committed by the Myanmar Army.

A new report has revealed that government forces have burnt hundreds of villages to ground. Deaths of hundreds of children have become the new normal in the region. How can these people live there? But the situation for the one who has fled is also not ideal. Thousands of the Rohingya who are fleeing the violence are trapped at the border. Bangladesh won’t let them in and is telling them to go back to their villages. If they go back, they will be killed immediately. It is hoped that eventually the situation will get better for them.

Adnan Dost (Kech)


Rohingya Muslims are being killed by Myanmar government forces. It has been reported that more than one thousand of villages of Muslims have been burnt to ground. This genocide is being carried out under the support of Nobel Peace Laureate Aan San Suu Kyi. The Rohingya are being forced to leave their homeland. It is time the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) called back ambassadors from Myanmar to mount pressure on the country. The countries must ask the Myanmar government to put an end to the violence or else they will send their troops to the country. In the same manner, the UN whose prime responsibility is to maintain peace should pass a resolution to stop the genocide of the Rohingya.

Muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt and Pakistan, should raise this burning issue on international forums. The helpless Rohingya are crying for help, but 1.4 billion Muslims have closed their eyes and ears.

Ali Sikandar Chachar (Ghotki)


The ethnic cleansing and genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar continues and so does the criminal silence of the entire world. These people are being butchered, slaughtered, burnt and tortured to death in the most brutal manner. According to media reports, more than 160,000 helpless Rohingya Muslims migrated to neighbouring countries to escape the violence. It seems the victimisation of these wretched people knows no bounds. It is lamentable that the noble laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi who was awarded Nobel Peace Prize, is equally involved in this  crime against humanity.

Undoubtedly, this is a systematic plan to force the Rohingya who were living in Rakhine for centuries out of Myanmar. These people are abandoned by their own. They are robbed of their basic human rights. Had this issue been tackled on time, the things will not have aggravated this much. In the coming days, the crisis will aggravate further because the neighbouring countries of Myanmar are closing their borders to stop the huge influx of the Rohingya into their territory. It seems that under the current situation, the mere right to existence is being denied to the Rohingya. The beleaguered community badly needs help from the world. One wonders why the other neighbouring countries, including China, India, Thailand and Bangladesh, have remained silent over the violence. This barbarism on the part of Myanmar government forces should be condemned by all human rights organisations. The UN and the OIC are requested to intervene to resolve this issue on a priority basis.

Muhammad Fayyaz (Mianwali)

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