Jun 062017

Cricket is the most-watched sport in Pakistan. This is why the entire nation was glued to the TV screen to watch Pakistan playing its first match in the ongoing Champions Trophy. The match was against its arch rival, India. Fans prayed for victory and hoped that at least the country will put a great fight. However, the team’s poor performance left the entire nation disappointed. Losing a match is not a problem but losing after performing poorly is disheartening and embarrassing. The Pakistani team didn’t take a single right decision. From choosing to bat first to opening the bowler from a spinner – everything went wrong for the team. The fielding was poor, several catches were dropped. It seemed that there was no planning.

The Indian cricket team is considered to one of the best ODI teams in the world. Over the years, the cricket team has improved a lot. On the other hand, Pakistan’s cricket team has gone from being the best to being a mediocre team. Pakistan still has time. If the country manages to defeat South Africa and Sri Lanka, it will reach to the semi finals. It is hoped that the team will analyse its deficiencies and deal with them accordingly.

Muhammad Umar Nizamani


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