May 172017

CPEC is one of the mega projects in the world. It is a project that can change not only the future of Pakistan and China, but also of other South Asian countries. China’s economy is one of the fastest growing economies and a big part of this economy is dependent on industries and trade. Under the CPEC project, the road from Kashgar to Gwadar and the Karachi Port will be used for the transportation of Chinese goods to all over the world. China will import oil from oil rich countries through the Gwadar and Karachi ports to Kashgar. The geographical value of Pakistan is also important in Asia because the country is situated in the central part of Asia, connecting with a large number of Asian countries. China is not only building just roads, but it is also establishing industries and setting up companies.

The neighbouring country is working on electrical power projects like solar power project, wind power project and water power generation project to generate huge amount of electricity for Pakistan. The Quaid-e-Azam Solar Power Project is the biggest solar power project in the world. Once completed, it will generate 1,000 MW of electricity. China is also spending $1.5 billion to build Pak-China research centre in Pakistan. Through the project, the country’s infrastructure and industrial sector is developing and gaining strength. No doubt it is a game changer for Pakistan.

Asad Inam


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