Dec 292017

Education institutes, including madressahs and schools, are places where students go to learn new things. Many people go to madressahs to learn the Quran and be a good Muslim. From a young age, children are sent to madressahs to learn more about religion. However, these religious institutions have adopted cruel methods of teaching. Corporal punishment, including beating and kicking, is still continuing in these institutions. Almost every student is beaten or watches others being beaten, which leaves them scared. When they discuss this problem with their parents, the latter usually ignores the matter. Teachers as well as some parents have this misconception that some form of physical punishment is necessary to make children disciplined. But is it really necessary to beat a six-year-old? Doesn’t our religion promote tolerance and kindness? At the tender age of five or six, most children are naughty. They require extra attention. However, beating and terrorising them is not a humane way of teaching.

Many children suffer from life-long illnesses and some form of disability due to these physical punishments. In my locality, I saw a child limping and crying in pain after being beaten by a wooden stick. Despite the cries of the young child, the teacher kept beating him. Why are we so cruel towards our children? The government must take action in this regard and impose a strict ban on corporal punishment. Activities of all madressahs should be monitored so that young children learn the Quran in a peaceful environment.

Ali Jan Mehr


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