May 172017

The mass massacre of ten Sindhi labourers in Gwadar is an attempt to create an atmosphere of uncertainty and insecurity in Balochistan. The twin attacks in Mastung and Gwadar lay bare the fact that the security situation in Balochistan is still fragile and needs to be strengthened on a priority basis. It is evident that Balochistan has been at the hit list of anti-Pakistan hostile forces. Last Friday (May 12), a suicide attack on the convoy of Senate’s Deputy Chairman Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haidri claimed 27 lives. A day later, Gwadar, came under attack when two motorcyclists gunned down 10 labourers who were busy in construction work.

The province is going to play a vital role in boosting up the economic condition of the country because of the mega project of CPEC. In addition, CPEC has a potential to end the country’s energy crisis. Similarly, regional connectivity is another advantage of the project. All these facts underline the need of a foolproof security of the province. It is also incumbent upon the civil and military authorities to provide a full-scale security to the workers, engineers and other officials who are working at different CPEC-related construction sites.

Muhammad Fayyaz


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