Dec 182017

In Pakistan, climate change has been considered a minor concern. However, the threat that climate change poses to our country, our people and the future of our children appears still looms large. An overwhelming number of scientists have raised concerns about this issue and there are copious signs that suggest climate change is occurring at a much faster pace than what was initially predicted. Within a few years, the changes will become irreversible. At this critical juncture, climate change awareness should be promoted in Pakistan

In order to secure a future for our country, we must set a new and positive direction for our national energy policy. We need to introduce policies that will discourage people from using fossil-based fuels. Our addiction to fossil fuel harms human health, causes global warming, degrades land and marine ecosystems and pollutes the earth. We need energy systems that provide clean, renewable and reliable energy that does not threaten human health or the environment. We are the only ones who can build a future for our country and it would be a gross renunciation of our moral responsibility if we fail to do so. While climate change is just one of many issues that afflict us during these challenging times, we cannot put it off for too long. We must take strong actions to address the daunting issues that climate change poses.

Sabir Hussain


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