Dec 292017

The number of cases of child abuse in Pakistan is going up at a fast pace, it has increased by almost 10 percent. This serious issue calls for immediate action of the relevant authorities. Thousands of Pakistani children were sexually abused and some were murdered after sexual assault. It is disappointing that sexual abuse of children is also rampant in education institutions, including schools and madressahs. In fact some children are not safe in their neighbourhood. The gruesome Kasur incident too couldn’t capture the attention of the relevant authorities.

Children are considered ‘the flowers of heaven.’ They are the assets of society and a pillar of our country. Child molestation should be acknowledged as a social problem. The trauma caused by this form of abuse stays forever. It affects children’s mental health. The government as well as NGOs should work together to eradicate this menace from society.

Mahnoor Nasir


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