May 172017

A Netherlands-based organisation and the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad have signed an MoU to collaborate in floriculture. The collaboration of both organisations will help in the cultivation of flowers at a large scale. In the same way, the Pakistani government should work with the Netherlands authorities to make various types of cheese. In some remote areas of the country, plenty of milk is being wasted. The government should set up a factory to produce cheese. The Netherlands authorities can help the government in this regard. In this way optimum utilisation of milk will be ensured..

This is exactly how, many centuries ago, the manufacturing of cheese started in remote mountain regions of Europe. Cheese is a versatile food and full of nutrients. The country can manufacture cheese locally and sell it. It will help save high prices paid for the imported cheese. One day the country might be able to export cheese as well.

Asad A Khan


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