May 312017

The managing director of Careem has alleged that an Inspector General of Police (IGP) tired to 'lend support' to his son's job application on Tuesday.

In a Facebook post, Junaid Iqbal alleged that a top cop called him up and tried to influence his son's chances at securing a position with the company.

"An IG Police called me this morning lending his support to his son's application for a job. I politely said to him that this will ruin his case and if his son is qualified, he will have a fair shot. He said 'lagta hai aap nay Pakistan mein pehli dafa kaam kia hai.' (It seems like this is your first time working in Pakistan)," the post read.

He then added: "Anyways, he was kind enough, he listened, he understood, i gave him the email address of our recruiter and also the Jobvite link."

Continuing the story, Iqbal added, "Then his son sends us an email, copying me and telling my colleague that "in reference to Mr. Junaid's discussion with my father so and so". And then under his name, signs off the email as "S/O IGP XYZ."

Talking about the general culture of 'putting in a good word' in Pakistan, Iqbal said, "the saddest thing is that this guy has headed BD [business development] for two e-commerce companies in Pakistan. We would have most likely taken him anyways. We need that profile for one of our new products. I wrote back to him asking him to clarify if he is applying as son of IG or as former BD Head of XYZ and a fresh MBA."

Ending his Facebook explainer, Iqbal left his Facebook friends with a pressing question. "Why? Why do people do this? Who can't they believe that fair play does exist!"

Commenting under the status a number of people seemed to believe that Iqbal should hire the young man if he writes back and fairs well in the recruitment process.

While others believed that the young man should be reprimanded for his approach, or at least, not hired.

While there were others still, who believed that there was nothing wrong with the IGP's actions:

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