Jan 092018

The app-based ride-hailing service, Careem, has brought positive changes to the country’s transportation system. The company has also provided job opportunities to thousands of people. It has taken steps to provide a convenient and stress-free ride to passengers. However, there is one area which requires special attention of Careem authorities: the training of Careem captains. In this regard, I’d like to share a bad experience I had with one captain. I booked a GO car from a shopping mall in Clifton. After a short while, the captain called and misbehaved. He said that he was involved in an accident because of me. I found no logic in his claims.

I cancelled the ride because I thought sharing a car with a misbehaving captain will not be in my best interest. I was charge Rs120 as a penalty. However, I do not mind paying the penalty. My purpose is to let the concerned authorities know that there is a dire need to professionally train captains.

Nuzair A Virani


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