May 252017

Solar panels are being installed on canal-top across the world. Pakistan  has one of the largest canal irrigation systems in the world. If canal-top  solar panels are installed in the country, the country will produce a large  amount of electricity through this arrangement alone? The advantages  of a canal-top solar system are as follows: It will supply power as well as  save water from getting evaporated. It will eliminate the requirement of  acquisition of vast tracts of land which would result in faster implementation  of the project besides making substantial savings on the project’s  capital cost. The solar panels mounted on the canal-top would be cooler  than their land-based counterparts, resulting into generation of 10 percent  more electricity.  The possibilities of installation of an automatic system for cleaning  the panels could be looked into as readily available canal water would  be used for cleaning the panels. The solar panels on canal-tops can be  used to provide electricity to run the irrigation pumps, if required. Producing  electricity by installing solar panels on canal-tops would be an innovative  idea that can turn Pakistan into one of the leading solar power  producers of the world.  Air-Cdre (r) Azfar A Khan  Karachi     

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