Apr 102013

KARACHI: The country’s boxing federation has called on the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) to be consistent in its policies after training camps of several disciplines were put off in March due to a 15-day sports gala.

The Pakistan Boxing Federation (PBF) was referring to the national training camps that were underway in Islamabad but were wrapped up due to the gala. Earlier, the PSB advised the federation to hold lengthier and continuous camps, even if there was no international tournament in the near future, to keep the pugilists in shape.

All the top boxers of the country were taking part in camps in full swing before an abrupt end disturbed their momentum.

“If the PSB intends to hold continuous year-long training camps then it should persist with its policy,” a PBF official told The Express Tribune. “PSB Director General Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera had said in a meeting of secretaries that he wants lengthier training camps even if there are no international tournaments in the near future. He had stressed that the PSB’s focus in on the 2016 Olympics and camps will continue but that didn’t happen.”

The official said the PSB’s advice came after poor results by Pakistan boxers in international events and a change in approach was needed. However, postponing training camps when boxers are in full swing is not helping their preparations, added the PBF official.

“There should have been a plan B in order to make sure the camps do not get disturbed.”

It has been learnt that the camps will resume at the end of this month April but a top boxer of the country lamented they would have to start from scratch again.

“We were reaching the peak of our fitness and stamina levels when the camp ended,” said the boxer. “Now we’ll need to start from scratch.”

Published in The Express Tribune, April 11th, 2013.

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