Aug 052017

Disregarding a Sindh High Court ban on using jirgas to settle disputes, a bloody feud between two factions of the Jatoi clan was settled by one at village Khadim Hussain Jatoi near Shikarpur on Saturday.

The settlement was held under the supervision of former MNA Dr Mohammad Ibrahim Jatoi, former provincial minister Meer Abid Hussain Jatoi and local notable Fatah Muhammad Jatoi.

Anwar Jatoi and Nazar Muhammad Jatoi represented the Badani Jatoi group, one of the warring factions, while Allah Wadhayo and Gulsher Jatoi were nominated by Saad Khanani Jatoi as his faction's 'elders' to mediate on its behalf.

According to the jirga's verdict, a fine of Rs18 million was imposed on the Badani Jatoi group for the murder of 12 individuals belonging to the Saad Khanani Jatoi group. Likewise, the Saad Khanai Jatoi group was fined Rs15 million for 12 men murdered of the Badani Jatoi group.

In addition, both parties were directed to jointly pay Rs5 million as compensation to two passersby — a woman and a baby girl — who were killed in their crossfire.

Under the terms of the verdict, both tribes will withdraw their cases against each other, which are currently being heard in anti-terrorism courts.

Both parties accepted the verdict and embraced each other following its announcement. According to police sources, the settlement was a result of police pressure to maintain law and order in the district.

According to sources, 4 deputy superintendents of police, 10 station house officers and a large number of policemen were deployed at the jirga "to avoid any untoward incident".

The deadly conflict had started two years ago when two persons belonging to the Saad Khanani Jatoi faction were killed in police encounter. Saad Khanani Jatoi, the tribal leader, accused the Badani Jatoi group of sharing information with police that led to the men's killing.

In the ensuing conflict, about 27 individuals and 3 passersby — including two women and a baby girl — from both parties were killed while dozens received serious wounds in armed clashes.

At least 16 persons were shot dead in a single deadly clash that took place on July 3, 2017. When police personnel had tried to prevent further losses, armed men had attacked them with rocket launchers and kept them from entering the area.

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah and Home Minister Suhail Anwar Siyal had taken notice of the deadly conflict. As part of their strategy, SSP Shikarpur Zeeshan Shafique Siddiquie was transferred from Shikarpur and Umar Tufail was posted in his place.

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