Sep 302017

This refers to the article, ‘Towards technocracy’ (Sep 20), by Atta-ur-Rahman. The writer has proposed a form of government which composed of technocrats. According to the writer, our political governance model has not delivered, and we need to find a better system that helps pull Pakistan out of the quagmire. This thought reverberates in every citizen’s heart, save perhaps those that are the architects of the present system and want the status quo maintained for obvious reasons. No one can argue with the idea that technical expertise must be harnessed in public policy formulation to effectively address issues faced by the people. Any system of governance must satisfy the needs of the lowest-common-denominator of the population – the poor and the disenfranchised.

It is notable that the writer makes it clear that a technocratic system should operate under a democratic system. A technocratic system could function within a parliamentary or a presidential system of democracy. Many countries have democracies in which technical expertise is provided by technocrats who are either elected or selected by elected governments. Suffice it to say that what the writer has proposed is just an idea that needs to be taken seriously through an open, unbiased debate. Rejecting it cavalierly is tantamount to sticking our heads in the sand.

Dr Raahim Ali




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