Jun 092017

They clean the roads that lead to the homes of the elite, the sophisticated, the rich, the well-dressed, the well groomed and the ones always speaking about human rights – normally in the five star hotels of the town. But these men, who are out on the streets every day, inhaling the disease laden dust and bearing the scorch of the sun remain completely invisible to the        elite. These workers wear bathroom slippers instead of safety shoes. On the contrary, they should be provided a face mask to lessen the damage of the dust; caps or hats to lessen the misery of the sun and safety glasses to prevent their eyes from swelling. This is not an issue of their health and safety. This is an issue of our wealth and insensitivity.        

Why have the more prosperous and well-heeled people, famous for their charity balls and fund-raising dinners not come together to lessen the misery of the most poverty stricken, under-privileged, and under-valued segment of our society? Can the affluent class have a change of heart and attitude towards those who serve them every day in such miserable and demeaning circumstances? The time to begin this task is now. Let us not forget that Irfan Masih of Umerkot was not killed by the inhuman fasting doctor on duty, but by the collective absence of our own conscience and humanity.

Naeem Sadiq


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