Jul 042017

Heavy monsoon rains across the country claimed the lives of at least 21 people. The incident was unfortunate and tragic. The PDMAs are being blamed for their irresponsibility. Although the criticism is in the right direction, the destruction caused by the rain is not entirely the fault of the PDMAs. It is pertinent to mention here that the PDMA Punjab initiated a full-fledged awareness campaign informing the people to adopt all the preventive measures before the current rainfall season to ensure safety and security of the people. Now, while issuing a flood warning, the PDMA has already dispatched all the necessary goods to various districts to deal with any untoward event. Since the disaster like floods may wreak havoc any time in the province, the PDMA has sent 764 boats, 764 OBMs, 11000 life jackets, 4000 life rings, 13000 dewatering sets, 48000 tents, 49000 plastic mats, 43000 mosquito nets and 30 generator sets to the districts where flood is expected this year.

Moreover, the PDMA, in collaboration with different district administrations, has also conducted mock exercises to ensure preparedness in the wake of possible floods. It is true that the sudden outburst of monsoon rains caused destruction at a large scale. But in this time of difficulty, instead of criticising one another, all of us should play our part to minimise the damages caused by the ongoing rains in the country.

Syed Ali Qasim


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