Jun 042017

Prime Minister's Foreign Affairs Adviser Sartaj Aziz on Sunday rejected the 'baseless and unfounded' allegations stemming from Afghanistan following the terrorist attack in Kabul on May 31.

"We have witnessed with serious concern the baseless accusations against Pakistan by certain elements inside and outside Afghanistan, made within minutes of the attack and obviously before any investigation," read a statement issued by the Foreign Office (FO).

Citing nefarious intentions behind the allegations, Aziz insisted there were elements trying to hamper any chance of peace between the two countries.

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"This accusatory approach is instigated by those who have no interest in peace and stability in Afghanistan and their malicious agenda is to damage Afghanistan-Pakistan relations and the cooperation initiatives recently gaining momentum," he was quoted as saying.

"Being the victim of terrorism, we feel the pain and agony of the Afghan people," the adviser to the prime minister noted in his statement.

Sartaj also suggested that the finger-pointing was an attempt to cover up shortcomings on the other side of the Durand Line, saying, "Leveling allegations against other countries only signifies a tendency to externalise the internal challenges faced by Afghanistan."

He urged the Afghan authorities to conduct a transparent investigation into the incident in order to determine the perpetrators of the attacks based on 'concrete evidence'.

"We in Pakistan are convinced that a peaceful, stable and prosperous Afghanistan is in the best interest of Pakistan. Pakistan has, therefore, continued to reaffirm its strong support to the efforts for durable peace and stability in Afghanistan," Aziz maintained.

The adviser also underlined the strong bonds of religion, culture, history and geography which have binded the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

"Pakistan has always stood by the people of Afghanistan in their difficult times. For the past four decades, millions of our Afghan brothers, facing unstable conditions in Afghanistan, have lived in Pakistan with dignity and honour."

"Millions of Afghan children have received education in Pakistan. Thousands of them are working in Afghanistan for their country’s progress and development. Pakistan facilitates Afghanistan’s transit of its exports and imports through our ports."

Aziz further stated that 'the hateful campaign' against Pakistan is unhelpful and detrimental for the close harmony and cooperation required for pursuing joint efforts for lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan.

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