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BAHAWALPUR: New Islami Colony 12/BC in Bahawalpur is ostensibly a part of the city, but a visit to the shanty town leaves one wondering if it is actually in the most developed province in the country owing to its derelict state.

The streets are inundated with raw sewage which gives a nauseous Venetian feel to the area, while hovering mosquitoes spread a plethora of water-borne diseases in the area.

The streets are strewn with heaps of garbage. It is impossible to find a single clean road.

Meanwhile, vehicles struggle to traverse the worn out streets in the colony. Accidents have become commonplace.

There are also no educational institutes or medical facilities for residents.

Bringing people closer: Upgrade 100 katchi abadis, orders CM

Around 10,000 people reside in the colony. The bitter ground water is unpotable.

The dearth of any alternative water sources leads to residents being compelled to drink this water. As a result, inhabitants succumbing to digestive diseases is also on the rise.

These atrocious conditions have led to residents becoming despondent with the authorities concerned.

Khaleel Masih, a resident, said that ”There is no proper sewage system in place. This causes the accumulation of dirty water in the streets.”

Masih added that there is a danger of the mud brick houses collapsing due to the water in the streets.

”A survey was conducted a year ago to give residents ownership rights, but no progress has been made since then,” said Muhammad Waheed, another resident.

His neighbour Muhammad Ismael said there are only a handful of places in the colony where the water is potable.

The potential of katchi abadis

Muhammad Ajmal said that malaria is one of the most commonly contracted diseases due to mosquitoes breeding in the area.

Residents implored the government to at least provide a water supply line to the area or install a water filtration plant. They also called for that a school and dispensary be established here.

Residents called on the DCO Bahawalpur and Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) put in place a proper sewerage system.

A TMA official told The Express Tribune that the administration does not have the funds to resolve all the issues faced by colony residents

The official added that as soon as the funds are made available the problems would be addressed.

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