Jul 052017

Since its inception, the Child Protection and Welfare Bureau is carrying out remarkable services for the protection and the welfare of destitute and neglected children. The institution was established, through a provincial legislation, in 2004. Since then, it has been providing iron shield to thousands of children at risk. The institute takes into its custody the children who are found begging on streets, are lost, or have run away from their homes. It is now extending its jurisdiction to children at risk – children working in hazardous environment, victims of domestic violence, and involved or victim of any criminal activity. After taking children into its ambit, the family tracing unit strives for tracing out the families of lost or runaway children. It has reunified thousands of children not only throughout the country, but also across the border – in Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, the institution is passing through various constraints, including acute financial issues, inadequate infrastructure and undefined officials hierarchy. Low rate of punishments and lack of coordination mechanism with other relevant agencies are also impeding its progress. Despite all obstacles, it has proved itself a hallmark institution struggling for the protection of destitute and neglected children in Pakistan.

Muhammad Waqas Haral


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