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Oct 152017
Crimes in Mochh

The increase in the number of crimes in Mochh is alarming. In the past few months, several incidents of murder have taken place in the district. The area is rife with tribal conflicts and internal rivalries which results in the gruesome murder of young individuals. It is the responsibility of the law-enforcement agencies to come up with a strategy to provide relief to the grief-stricken inhabitants. The district reconciliatory committees must act proactively and weed out the minor differences among rival groups. The police should take strict action against those people who have taken the law in their own hands. To educate people about the importance of tolerance and peace, peace rallies and conventions must be held. Also, the intellectuals and scholars of the area must come forward and play their role to deal with the situation. Muhammad Fayyaz (Mianwali) Click for detailed story

Oct 152017
For the people

The majority of politicians in our country do not know about the problems being faced by the common man. These politicians always keep their interests above national interest. It seems that they do not know the true meaning of democracy. Politicians are elected by the people. It is the responsibility of elected representatives to work for the people. In our country, there is a wide gap between politicians and the common man. The ruling elite cannot understand the pain and anguish faced by the people. They do not know what it is like to spend hours without power. They do not know how hard it is to walk miles to fetch water. There is no participation of the people in decision making. The role of the people has been reduced to casting votes and to participate in rallies and public meetings. No law has been passed for the welfare of the people. With each passing day, living in the country is becoming more difficult for the people. When will our politicians pay attention to the plight of the common man? Engr S T Hussain (Lahore) Click for detailed story

Oct 152017
Bleak picture

All Pakistani shareholders of major institutions are claiming that the country’s economy is lingering under several external quagmires that need to be handled properly. The right time to revamp economic policies is now, otherwise, the old system will generate even more drawbacks. Lawmakers and policymakers must take better initiatives to strengthen the economy. Wajahat Abro (Shikarpur) Click for detailed story

Oct 152017

The rise in stunt-related fatalities in Karachi calls for immediate action of the authorities. Many people, especially young boys, believe that risking their lives is a show of courage. The trend of one-wheeling is popular among young people. These people do not understand that there five minutes of joy can result in fatal accidents. They think that they are brave and can get fame easily. The question is: what is the purpose of doing these silly acts? Because of little carelessness, this ‘act of bravery’ can result in a lifetime of disability. These people should think about their parents. Why it is important to risk one’s life for enjoyment? The law-enforcement authorities should also take strict action in this regard. A ban on one-wheeling and other dangerous stunts should be put to protect the life of these people. Heavy fines should be imposed on the people who carry out such activities so that other people are also discouraged from doing the same. Muhammad Nabil (Karachi) Click for detailed story

Oct 142017
Help on wheels

The Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) will now provide motorcycle ambulances to the people. The efforts of the Punjab government in this regard are commendable. This decision was taken after keeping in view the problems faced by ambulances when called at congested areas. With the use of a motorcycle, patients can be taken to hospital on time. It is hoped that the Balochistan government will follow suit. Waqar ( Turbat ) Click for detailed story

Oct 132017
Due date

Power companies around the world give their customers at least a time period of 15 days to pay their bills. But Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco) has now made a habit of sending utility bills only a week before the due date. The company has been carrying out this practice since 2014. Several times consumers have received the bill only two to three days before the due dates. Those charged with governance of the company must realise that for a majority of people, it is next to impossible to pay a bill just a day after receiving it. The concerned authorities must look into the matter which is creating a lot of trouble for the people, especially salaried individuals who receive their salaries on a fixed day. Just like what is being practiced in the rest of the country, Iesco too should give a period of two weeks to consumers to pay their bills. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan (Rawalpindi) Click for detailed story

Oct 132017
Parking mafia

Despite court orders to arrest the people involved in charging illegal parking fee, the practice is gaining momentum. The KMC has issued a list of around fifty authorised spots where legal parking fee is being charged. However, men disguised as KMC staff are seen looting public at tens of unlisted places like Atrium Mall, the KDA Market, Time Medicos, etc. They have fake receipts and identity cards and a majority of the people fall prey to them. The common man residing in Karachi is already living under too many unnecessary financial burden and this curse is just adding more to his problems. Daily expenditure of at least a hundred rupees can be acceptable, if the money is used for maintenance purposes. But, wasting bills for illegal fee is totally hideous. The fact that these people are carrying out this practice without any fear hints at the fact that this mafia has a strong backing. The concerned authorities and the court must ensure that all the culprits involved in this business of millions and billions are arrested and put behind bars for making fool out of innocent people. Faizan Shahzad (Karachi) Click for detailed story

Oct 132017
The safety of women

Knifeman – the so-called mentally disturbed man – is out in the streets of Karachi, attacking women randomly. The number of attacks is higher in Gulistan-e-Jauhar and Gulshan-e-Iqbal. The law-enforcement agencies have failed to catch the man. Mothers of young women who have to go out on a daily basis for university or work are worried. It is disappointing that the authorities are helpless in front of the criminal. Or maybe, the authorities aren’t concerned about the safety of women. Atyaba Javed (Karachi) Click for detailed story

Oct 132017
Legal eye: Cops as scapegoats

The police are not a powerful club in Pakistan: the military is, the judiciary is, intelligence agencies are and even the DMG, but not the police. Cops probably remain the most maligned group in the state and are the easiest to scapegoat. Exhibit? Two cops being the only ones punished in the Benazir Bhutto murder case. Pending decision on their appeal, the Lahore High Court has suspended the sentences awarded to the police officers (charged under Sections 119 and 201 of the PPC for concealment of design to commit an offence that the police were duty bound to prevent, and for causing disappearance of evidence). The PPP has decided to challenge the decision. Why is the PPP making all this noise now after exhibiting almost no interest in the trial when in power? We are entering an election year. It is time for the PPP to bring back the memory of Benazir Bhutto. There are a few things we keep being told about BB’s tragic assassination. One, the police ordered that crime scene be washed after one hour and forty minutes of the attack. Two, the police didn’t order an autopsy to be conducted and thus didn’t confirm of BB’s cause of death. And three, part of the police contingent on duty at Liaquat Bagh was sent to attend to the shooting incident involving Nawaz Sharif on Islamabad Highway. Put together, these three matters constitute the smoking gun that frames cops for aiding and abetting. Let us consider each one [Read More…]

Oct 122017
Sky-high prices

In Pakistan the prices of petroleum products are frequently adjusted by Ogra vis-à-vis the prices variation in international market. However, when hike in the price of oils takes place, every commodity prices shoot up on the pretext of increase in transport fares and oil products usage in production of various items. This is followed by sky-high fares of public and private transport. However, if there is any decrease in the prices of petroleum products, its beneficial effects are not trickled down to the people. In order to avoid this hitch, it is suggested that Ogra should review oil prices on an annual basis instead of linking them with international market. It may keep a margin of 4-5 percent profit over sell prices. This extra saved amount can be utilised to provide subsidy and sustain the discrepancy between prices. This way the inflation in rates of various commodities and transport fares can be kept under stringent check. Yousaf Khan (Islamabad) Click for detailed story

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