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Aug 202017
On the rise

That honour killings are on the rise in Pakistan is an extremely disturbing fact. The need of the hour is to deal with the menace on an urgent basis. In the Chung area of Lahore, a man killed his mother and six-year-old sister after his mother remarried. Voices against such killings are being heard across the country. But, at the same time, the rise in the honour killings has also been observed. The government has enacted new laws to deal with such killings. Recently, at the Multan High Court, a brother killed his sister and her husband in the vicinity of the court because the couple married had a love marriage. This trend is quite astonishing and perturbing. In order to curb such incidents we need strict laws and to change the mindset too. Although laws on the protection of women have been passed by parliament, they are not implemented in the right way. Previously, court cases related to honour killing were closed because the murderer used to be a family member and the family wanted to save his/her life. Now, the state becomes a party to such case and these cases are pursued till the criminal gets punished. And yet, many criminals manage to escape punishment. We must find a better solution of this problem. In our religion, the killing of one person is considered the killing of humanity. Religious scholars and lawmakers must strive hard to find some reasonable solution to this problem. Javaid Bashir (Lahore) Click for [Read More…]

Aug 202017
Without a schedule

The CCE 2013 exam was declared invalid by the SC despite the fact that successful candidates, after clearing all the required tests, were offered jobs at respective departments. The apex court asked the Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) to re-conduct the exam within a span of two months and also directed to finalise the appointments of the SPSC’s new members. However, the SPSC has not acted on these orders. The organisation hasn’t announced the schedule of the exam and hasn’t selected any member. Undoubtedly, one can assume that these delays would impair reputation and credibility of the SPSC, which is responsible for providing jobs to thousands of talented people of this province. The chairman of the SPSC must announce the schedule of the exam as soon as possible so that candidates may start the preparation for exams. Jamshed Ali Jokhio (Hyderabad) Click for detailed story

Aug 202017
Clean environment

People need a pleasant environment to live in. An environment where air is fresh, water is pure and trees are planted. The residents of Karachi also deserve to live in such a peaceful environment. But the collection of garbage, industrial wastage, poisonous gases that is released from vehicles and the cutting of trees to make roads and buildings, have had an immense effect on the environment of Karachi as well as on the health of its residents. The city is going through a difficult phase. In a survey held by WHO in 2016, Karachi ranked 14th among the 20 most polluted cities of the world. However, Karachi was ranked as the fifth most polluted city of the world in 2017. This hints at the failure of the government to keep the city pollution0-free. If serious steps are not taken, the most populated business centre of Pakistan will top all lists of the most polluted cities of the world. Bilal Siddiqui (Karachi) Click for detailed story

Aug 192017
A bigger threat

The Executive Development Institute (EDI) is offering a course titled ‘Water scarcity in Pakistan: A myth or a reality’. The five-day course will be conducted in September. While the EDI has taken a positive need, adequate steps must be taken to ensure that the course is taught in an efficient manner. A brief summary of what the course was about should be shared in both the electronic and print media for the awareness of the people. In addition, experts must also suggest the maximum number of dams that should be constructed to store rainwater. The country is already on the verge of being a water-stressed country. Concrete steps should be taken to avoid the possibility of being a water-stressed country. The availability of water per capita in 1950 was 53,000 cubic meters and now it has been declined to 1,032 cubic meters. The number will keep moving south, if remedial measures are not taken. Both the federal and provincial governments must allocate budget for the construction dams so that maximum water can be stored on an urgent basis. Other technologies like drip irrigation, rubber dams, canals renovation by dredging, and brick linings should be adopted so that the fast-paced evaporation of water can be controlled. In mega cities of Pakistan, a proper system should be designed to recycling the water used in kitchen. In the same manner, system should be set up to recycle wastewater flowing from bathrooms sinks, etc. The silting and sedimentation of existing Tarbela, Mangla and Warsak [Read More…]

Aug 182017
Political turbulence

Everybody is out to pin the blame for our political mess on the military regimes or civil rulers of the past. By simply criticising past rulers, bad governance will not be dealt with. Who will meet the cost of additional civil force to replace the armed forces in Fata and elsewhere? Why can we not improve the situation with the help of existing forces and game players? Simple acts can work miracles. We must ask a teacher to teach and a student to read. We must ask traffic wardens to man crossroads during power outages and enforce compliance toward traffic rules. We must ask the police to patrol by night and check baggages in taxis and rickshaw. Ministers must be visible in their constituencies once in a blue moon. William A Welsh has said that “the rise of democracy has signalled the decline of elites”. Forget about golden words of thinkers like Moska, Michel, Marx, Pareto and C Wright Mill. History reminds us that no system, not even an ochlocracy, could ever bulldoze elites. About 460 related figures will continue to be perched in parliament for another hundred years. The Delhi Sultanate, the Mughal and the Englishmen ruled through hand-picked elites. The ‘equal citizen’, as enshrined in golden words of our constitution, is a myth. Even American democracy is run by a handful of people. The majority of the population is a silent spectator – a bewildered herd (Chomsky). Amjed Jaave (Rawalpindi) Click for detailed story

Aug 182017
A stark warning

There are countless benefits of trees. The trees that we see today are the product of the seeds that someone planted a couple of years ago. Trees play an important role in making the climate of any country moderate. The scarcity of trees poses a great threat to the climate of any country. Climate does not respect national borders and any threat to the climate is a global challenge. International standards suggest that 25 percent of the land of any country must be forested. Unfortunately, the total forest area in our country is only three percent of the total land. According to some media reports, deforestation in Pakistan stands at 2.4 percent per annum – the highest in Asia. This breakneck speed of deforestation in the country is leading to drastic changes in the region’s weather systems as well as its land and marine biodiversity. Some unpalatable truths have been discovered by the Ministry of Climate Change. At least 1.6 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide is caused by deforestation. This mainly includes the cutting and burning of forests. It is time we realised the importance of planting trees as it not only helps in curbing the menace of climate change in the country but also helps in reducing air and noise pollution. The following saying goes well in this situation: ‘The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now’. Engineer Izhar Hussain Solangi (Rawalpindi) Click for detailed story

Aug 182017
Fight against corruption

The verdict of July 28 of the apex court that disqualified Nawaz Sharif was backed by the articles 62 and 63 of the constitution. These articles were incorporated by a dictator for his vested interests. These articles are a new version of Article 58(2)(b) and they cannot practically eradicate the menace of corruption from the country unless they are implemented across the board and are applicable to all institution of the country. Following the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif, others leaders also likely to get a taste of these articles. All future prime ministers, parliamentarians will have no other choice except to act like rubber stamps or they must be ready to face the fate of Nawaz Sharif. Democracy was not encouraged in the past and in the present. It would certainly not be encouraged in future under the guise of articles 62 and 63 of the constitution. Professor Engr. Abdul Jabbar (Peshawar) Click for detailed story

Aug 182017
Be prepared

Nawaz Sharif was disqualified by the SC ?after four years of relentless campaigning by Imran Khan. The campaign was initiated to end corruption in the country and build a new Pakistan. However, the question is: were efforts made by Imran Khan to eliminate corruption from Pakistan or to oust Nawaz Sharif? ?Will the old allies of the PTI chairman be able to contribute to making a new Pakistan? Engr Asim Nawab (Islamabad) Click for detailed story

Aug 182017
The future of Thar

This refers to the article, ‘The wonders of Thar’ (Aug 18), by Dr Ramesh Kumar. It was heartrending to read about the serious issues being face by residents of Thar. A majority of children are dying because of the shortage of food and lack of medical facilities. The region lags behind in almost all fields. According to the writer, a current study shows that the region has almost 4,045 schools and a total number of teachers at these schools is 5,230. Around 164,974 children attend these schools. On its surface, the numbers are good. However, in reality, thousands of children are unable to even read their name in Sindhi. The chief minister of Sindh must take steps to resolve these issues. Adnan Dost (Makran) ***** The writer has rightly asserted that the Thar Desert has the potential to become the regional hub for peace and prosperity. According to the writer, the mere mention of Thar automatically evokes the image of an underdeveloped, backward, remote and deserted place where newborn children are dying because of famine, hunger and the lack of food. However, with proper planning this region can be turned into a developed one. World history tells us that all positive developments have been made possible through skills for value addition. Some of the characteristics of the people of Thar are that they are honest, hardworking and highly skilled in the art of sewing, stitching and embroidery. So many young people from Thar are working in garment factories in Karachi [Read More…]

Aug 172017
Game of power

This refers to the news report, ‘SHC directs NAB to pursue mega corruption cases’ (August 17). Will the Sindh Assembly now pass a law preventing the Sindh High Court and the Supreme Court from hearing corruption cases against its members? After all, they want unfettered freedom to gobble up the taxes paid by the people of the province. Shakir Lakhani (Karachi) Click for detailed story

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