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Jan 092018
A laudable step

The Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat (WMS) has appointed a commissioner for the transgender community. This is a positive step and it is hoped that the authorities will work tirelessly to redress the grievances of the community. The plight of the community is an open secret. People who are transgender are disowned by their own families. Their lives are full of hardship. They receive hatred and a lack of support from society. They are deprived of their basic rights. There is no one to listen to their complaints. They keep suffering in silence. For a long time, these people couldn’t get their national identity cards made. There are so many people who are highly qualified but they are not given a decent job just because they are transgender. We need to fight and change this mentality. These people are humans. They deserve respect.We need to do a lot for the welfare of the transgender community. First, we should encourage these people to complete their education. If an education institution shows reluctance to give admission to these people, the authorities must take strict action against the institute. Our society should be an egalitarian society where people can enjoy their basic rights and live a life free from discrimination. In our country, the source of income of these people is limited to begging. There are not enough job opportunities for them. If they have an access to quality education, they can have more job opportunities. All of us should work for the welfare of [Read More…]

Jan 092018
A shocking tweet

In his latest tweet, Donald Trump chose to target Pakistan and accused the country of ‘lies and deceit.’ It is disappointing that Trump has completely ignored Pakistan’s contributions towards the war on terror. However, this ‘blame game’ is not new. Last year, the American president blamed Pakistan for providing sanctuaries to the ‘agent of chaos, violence and terror.’ All these allegations and threats resulted in the suspension of US security aids to Pakistan.It goes without saying that Pakistan has contributed a lot towards bringing peace and stability to Afghanistan. It was encouraging to see the country’s strong response against all these allegations.Muhammad FayyazMianwali Click for detailed story

Jan 092018
Fight for freedom

Hats off to Kashmiri cricketers for wearing green jerseys and lining up as Pakistan’s national anthem was played before the start of a cricket match. It was the best way to show love and pay respect to the country. Considering the presence of over half a million Indian troops in Indian-held Kashmir and the prevailing draconian laws in the valley, this courageous gesture by these cricketers has given a strong message to the Indian government that the struggle of the Kashmiri people against suppression will not stop.That four cricketers have been arrested for respecting Pakistan’s national anthem hints at the narrow mindedness of the local authorities and exposes the real face of democratic values in India when it comes to freedom of free expression, especially regarding people living in Indian-held Kashmir. It is hoped that the civil society of India will take notice of this cruel act and urge the concerned authorities to release these young cricketers. The Modi-led Indian government must learn from history which tells us that no amount of suppression can put an end to struggle for freedom. India’s own independence from the British Raj is testimony to this fact.Basharat MalikLahore Click for detailed story

Jan 092018
Captain training

The app-based ride-hailing service, Careem, has brought positive changes to the country’s transportation system. The company has also provided job opportunities to thousands of people. It has taken steps to provide a convenient and stress-free ride to passengers. However, there is one area which requires special attention of Careem authorities: the training of Careem captains. In this regard, I’d like to share a bad experience I had with one captain. I booked a GO car from a shopping mall in Clifton. After a short while, the captain called and misbehaved. He said that he was involved in an accident because of me. I found no logic in his claims.I cancelled the ride because I thought sharing a car with a misbehaving captain will not be in my best interest. I was charge Rs120 as a penalty. However, I do not mind paying the penalty. My purpose is to let the concerned authorities know that there is a dire need to professionally train captains.Nuzair A ViraniKarachi Click for detailed story

Jan 092018
Nice gesture

This refers to the news report, ‘Pakistan releases 147 Indian fishermen’ (Jan 8). These fishermen were arrested for violations of maritime borders. It was a great step of Pakistan to release common Indian citizens whose families were eagerly waiting for their return.The fishermen of Pakistan and India occasionally stray into the other country’s territorial waters during their fishing trips and are caught and put in jail where they remain for a long period of time. The governments of both countries should take a step that will ease the fishermen of the countries to do their job.Md Rustam ParwezHyderabad, India Click for detailed story

Jan 092018

This is to draw the attention of the Ministry of Industry and Production to a serious issue being faced by the Pakistani people. Foreign car companies are exploiting innocent people who have made full and final settlement for their pre-orders. These people have paid for their vehicles at least six to nine months before the date of delivery. Ideally, those who have paid in advance shouldn’t be affected by an increase in price of the vehicle. However, several car companies ask these people to pay additional amount which is the difference between the price of the vehicle at the time of booking and the market price of the vehicle at the time of delivery.It is gross injustice that after receiving full payments months before the announcement of an increase in price, these car companies are adding more financial burden on their customers and extorting between Rs50,000 and Rs100,000 from them. The government must interfere in the matter and protect the rights of citizens.Aman MemonIslamabad Click for detailed story

Jan 082018
Reduce air pollution

Winter in Punjab brings smog, which has a negative impact on the lives of people. The atmospheric pollutants or gases that form smog are released in the air when fuels are burnt. When sunlight reacts with these gases and fine particles in the atmosphere, smog is formed. Air pollution, especially smoke emitted by vehicles, causes smog. We can take a few measures to reduce air pollution.Since traditional cars and trucks produce a significant amount of nitrogen dioxide emissions, an easy way to cut back these emissions is to drive less. People should take public transport so that there is a fewer number of cars on roads. The lack of trees is also a primary cause of air pollution. More trees should be planted so that the air can be purified. It is the responsibility of both the government and citizens to contribute towards air pollution.Sarmad ElahiLahore Click for detailed story

Jan 072018
Tobacco export

According to some media reports, one of the multinational tobacco companies, namely Phillip Morris Pakistan Ltd (PMPKL) has set a new record for Pakistan’s tobacco sector by exporting around 7.3 million kilograms of tobacco in 2017. Thus an increase of more than 400 percent was made possible by focusing on sustainable tobacco production and cost competitiveness. The destinations included Asia, Europe and Africa. It merits a mention that last year, the Ministry of Commerce had recognised Philip Morris (Pakistan) with the best exporter award and gave recognition of its impressive tobacco exports performance and role in improving the country’s economy.The company’s tobacco export contributed an estimated $18 million of foreign exchange earnings, helping to mitigate a wider national trade deficit. In view of the above, tobacco crop offers enormous potential for export, but there is a dire need to overcome structure and policy issue prevalent in the sector. Other tobacco companies operating in the country are requested to follow suit and re-double their efforts toward promotion of export of tobacco and its products so as to earn the much-needed foreign exchange for the country. Also, there is a need to improve crop quantity and promote sustainable tobacco production in the country.Khan FarazPeshawar Click for detailed story

Jan 072018
Foreign policy

It is a wonderful time to revisit our US policies. Although I am not an expert when it comes to foreign policies, I vividly remember two important speeches made by Pakistan over a span of a few decades, both mentioning that the pivot of Pakistan foreign policy will be its relationship to the US. Now, it is easy to say that we will eat grass, but will not accept handouts from anyone. However, what is difficult is to revisit our past and make it loud and clear that whatever we had done in the past was wrong. Why we sided with the US and Saudi Arabia to fight Russia and Afghanistan in Afghanistan? Why don’t we consider that an infringement into the internal affairs of our worthy neighbour? Why did we allow the US to use Badaber Air Base to fly Avacs planes against Russia? Why couldn’t we accept that the US is an unreliable ally and a fake friend?We brought Kalashnikov and heroin to Pakistan. We helped promote a culture of religious intolerance. We armed our madressahs and we let our industry disintegrate. Did we do all of this to please our American masters? Who benefitted from the Afghan war? Who suffered the fallout? We need to look at the motives of those who sided with the US. We need to denounce those policies. We need to make amends and announce our mistakes with all possible seriousness. Only then we can turn around and lay the foundations for a [Read More…]

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