Adnan Aamir

Nov 262016
Why did the Nawaz Sharif-led government expel Turkish teachers to please Caliph Erdogan?

In order to please Caliph Erdogan, the Nawaz Sharif led government has ordered expulsion of more than 100 Turkish teachers from Pakistan. Why? July 15th was a significant day in history of Turkey. On this day this year, a group of Turkish soldiers mounted a coup to seize control of the government and tried to oust the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. However, the President managed to address the … Click for detailed story

Jul 012016
Balochistan's first proper medical university has been marred by interest groups' politics

Bolan Medical College (BMC), the only operational medical institute in Balochistan, was established in early 1970s. Since then it has been affiliated with University of Balochistan (UOB) as its Degree Awarding Institute. However, UOB is a general university and not a medical university and therefore a medical university had to be established in the province. With the passage of time, pressure by … Click for detailed story

Jun 192016
Rs 289 billion Balochistan budget presented

QUETTA-Balochistan’s budget for fiscal year 2016-17 with a total outlay of Rs. 289.35 billion was announced in Balochistan Assembly today. Chief Minister (CM) of Balochistan, Nawab Sanaullah Khan Zehri, who also has the additional charge of Finance Minister, presented the budget while Speaker Assembly Rahila Durrani chaired the assembly session. Total budgeted expenditure for the next … Click for detailed story

Mar 232016
Flawed decision: Discontinuing Prime Minister Scholarship program for Balochistan

The incumbent PML-N government has been criticized for its flawed development and spending priorities. It prefers metro buses and orange lines over projects which are meant for social welfare. PML-N has also been blamed for prioritizing Punjab over rest of the provinces in the country. Discontinuing the Prime Minister Scholarship program for school students of Balochistan is yet another instance … Click for detailed story

Jan 302016
Instead of denying wrongdoings against Balochistan, HEC should concede its blunders

A couple of weeks ago, this author wrote an article for The Nation titled Balochistan is being cheated out of its share by HEC. The article was based on the latest annual report of Higher Education Commission (HEC) and used the quoted figures in the report to present a case on how HEC was cheating Balochistan, like the rest of the federal bodies. A few days after publication of the article, … Click for detailed story

Dec 262015
Why is media not completely independent in Pakistan?

Media in Pakistan is not fully independent. Media persons often get to hear this phrase as criticism. It’s true that media in Pakistan is not fully independent and often fails to give due importance to different issues. However, journalists are not the ones who should be blamed for it.  Before delving into the reasons, it’s necessary to understand what independence of media … Click for detailed story

Dec 212015
It's that time of the year when natural gas suspension paralyzes Quetta amidst devastating cold

As soon as the temperature dropped below zero, residents in Quetta, and nearby districts, started facing severe gas shortages. This can’t be compared to gas shortages in other parts of the country because gas demand in Balochistan is much lower than Sindh and Punjab. Secondly, Balochistan being a leading gas producer has the first right over its consumption, according to the … Click for detailed story

Nov 272015
PML(N) alone is responsible for the increasing criticism unleashed on CPEC by Balochistan and KP

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is facing mounting criticism with each passing day. Not a day goes by when politicians from Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) do not criticize the federal government for using CPEC to benefit Punjab only. CPEC, which was supposed to be a game changer, has become controversial because of the way the ruling party PML-N has twisted it to benefit its own … Click for detailed story

Nov 132015
Fake domiciles have made Balochistan’s government jobs’ quota useless

In 1973, a quota system was devised to allocate federal government jobs among all provinces based on population. This system was established to ensure that under developed provinces and territories of Pakistan do not get left out in the federal government jobs and other opportunities. Although, this system is commendable in principle but people of Balochistan have not benefited from it due to the … Click for detailed story

Nov 062015
Why is NTS conducting tests for education department vacancies in Balochistan?

When the current government of Balochistan assumed power there were thousands of vacancies in the education department. In order to fill those vacancies, the government decided to outsource the recruitment testing phase to a third party called National Testing Service (NTS). Applications for recruitment tests on over 4,000 vacancies of teachers were announced in December last year. 11 months have … Click for detailed story

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