Sep 102017

The inauguration of Chashma Nuclear Power Plant Unit-4 is another milestone achieved by the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission in collaboration with China. China is assisting Pakistan in carrying out energy projects along with other economic ventures. CPEC is the biggest of all joint economic projects. Pakistan is a peaceful country and is utilising its nuclear technology for peaceful purposes and for the welfare of the people of Pakistan.

Pakistan is an energy-deficient country and with a rising population of 200 million, its energy requirements are increasing every day. This fourth Chashma nuclear plant in continuation of previous three Chashma plants will add 340MW to the national grid. The other three plants C-1, C-2 and C-3 are working exceptionally well. They are also efficient and reliable source of energy. Pakistan needs more projects to cater growing energy needs. We expect that the government will continue this journey of developmentto give relief and comfort to the people.

Nazia Jabeen (Lahore)

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