Jun 062017

The ignominious defeat of Pakistan against India in the Champions Trophy match at Edgbaston, England has saddened the entire nation. The embarrassing defeat shows that the team doesn’t have the ability to handle high-pressure situations. We have a balanced team – a perfect mix of senior and junior players. Still, we are unable to produce good results. Players didn’t have a strategy to score more runs. Although the target was huge, the team should have at least played till the end. The Pakistan team was all out for 164 with almost seven over to spare. The question is: what has gone wrong? We used to be one of the best teams now we barely manage to be in the Top Eight.

The main reason for the poor performance of the cricket team is that domestic cricket in our country is not up to the mark. Emerging players practise on substandard pitches and they do not have professional coaches to guide them. In other countries, new players are selected on the basis of their performance. They go through extensive physically training as well before making a place in the team. However, in our country, no such transparency is ensured in the selection of players. The culture of cronyism and nepotism has tampered with the country’s cricket. Sadly, we have disowned our legendary cricketers. Other countries are giving more respect to our heroes. It is time the Pakistan Cricket Board analysed the root cause of this unsatisfactory performance. It should conduct short-term training programmes and invite senior retired players who can teach match winning techniques to players. Talent hunt programmes on a district level should be initiated. Players should be taught more about modern cricket.

Hakimullah Wazir


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