Jun 092017

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has approved the construction of the Peshawar Expo Centre. However, the centre would be constructed on 20 acres of land carved out of 110 years old Agricultural Research Institute, Tarnab. It merits a mention that the pristine century old Research Farm has rendered laudable services, including insect and disease control, soil improvement, food processing, and the development of fruit nurseries, cereal crop and quality seeds;. These research and development activities had led to increase in crop production, fruit orchards and socio-economic uplift of the province.

Although construction of Expo Centre is a welcome step for the economic development of the province, it should not be at the cost of destroying an esteemed and prestigious research institute. Brutal chopping of green trees and plants at the institute for the construction of Expo Centre is regarded as a blow to the already endangered environment. Such imprudent destruction of research facilities can jeopardize the agricultural development of the province. The provincial government should review its decision and allocate suitable alternative site for the construction of the proposed Peshawar Expo Centre in the vicinity of the provincial metropolis.

Khan Faraz


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