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Junaid Sami Khan is no stranger to fame. Over the last two decades, his older brother Adnan Sami Khan has made himself a household name across the subcontinent and among the South Asian community abroad with his versatile music. Junaid now hopes that it’s his turn.

The music video for Junaid’s new track Mein Chala, which was composed by Noraiz Munir and arranged by Adnan, was launched with a short fashion show by Crush. He took the stage to perform Mein Chala, a performance which captivated the crowd. Junaid later covered his brother’s upbeat song Lift Kara De before introducing former Sur Kshetra contestant Mulzim Hussain who sang Teri Dewani.

Omar, a guest at the event was appreciative of the song and the video, while Saba, a student, said she was impressed with his vocal abilities.

Though he has made a late start to his career, after the show Junaid told The Express Tribune that he wants his singing talent to be appreciated without being compared to his famous sibling. “I know I will be compared,” he said. “People will ask ‘is he as good or not?’”

However, Junaid admits that his closeness with Adnan has put him at an advantage for the start of his career, and he hopes his mark on the music world will be judged independently of his popular brother.

As for an album, Junaid doesn’t have a timeline in mind yet but said he is working on a few songs at the moment.

Junaid’s inspirations come from:

Adnan Sami

Rahat Fateh Ali

Nazia and Zoheb Hassan

Kishore Kumar

Lata Mangeshkar

Asha Bhosle

Published in The Express Tribune, April 23rd, 2013.

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