Jun 102017

This refers to the letter, ‘Betrayed’ (Jun 10), by Naeem Sadiq. The writer has pointed towards an important and sensitive issue. This is not only a serious issue but a sign of weakness that has swiftly penetrated in our society and social structure. The caste system was never part of our religion. What happened in Umerkot was tragic. The fact that no medical treatment was given to a sanitary worker because he was covered in filth uncovers the sad reality that we are slowly forgetting the teachings of our religion. Our religion never called anyone, ‘untouchables’. It never said that sanitary workers or sweepers are less than other people.

No civilised country shows such bias and hatred towards a section of people. It is the moral obligation of a person to treat all humans equally. It is disheartening that a worker lost his life because of the shameful attitude of a doctor. This issue shouldn’t be ignored. Serious action should be taken against the doctor. Our society needs to understand that ill treatment like this is the root of many complex problems. It is time we came out of the bubble of superiority and started giving equal status to all members of society.

Sqn Ldr (r) Tarique Mahmood Malak


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