Aug 122017

The Senate chairman has offered to hold deliberations among all state organs to determine the way forward for Pakistan. This is a welcome step. It ought to be availed to find a suitable strategy to climb out of the challenges that have assailed the country for the past 70 years. On August 14, we celebrate Independence Day with traditional fervour. For the rest of the year, we are embroiled in pulling each other down without paying attention to people’s needs.

These deliberations should, in principle, take place on this August 14. At this stage, we must make a firm resolve to dedicate the next year towards ensuring accountability under an interim setup that is mutually agreed by all parties. We must take up all financial and moral cases and decide them by August 1, 2018. It is time to embrace the Pakistan which Quaid-e-Azam had envisaged and move forward through positive endeavours.

Zahid Ali Khan


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